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Brij - App MVP Design


When COVID started in 2020, a lot of companies were faced with the challenge of employees staying connected while working remotely. This was a start up passion project from a client who have the intention to create an internal employee application that allow employees to stay connected and build a professional social community. There are different needs from both the emplyer and the employee side to be sharing opinions, and thoughts in this unprecedented time.


Design Lead





September 2020 - November 2020,
2 month research + design


Figma, Illustrator, Miro, Notion, Adobe After Effects


In close collaboration from two startup founders with product and finance backgrounds,I created an MVP version of the app that showcases the experience for employer and employee. In the collaborative process, I lead conversions, conducted research with employees from large tech companies to understand their painpoints, and came up with a delightful experience for employees to engage with survey questions, and to post questions of their own.

This is a sneak peek version of the project. Currently, it is undergoing implementation and there is limited information I could showcase via the website, but I will be happy to share more in detail in person :)