Pique Venture
Social Impact Venture Investment

Role: branding, visual design, research, persona, website design

Duration: 4 Weeks

Team: Edwy Woo, Hugh Knapp, Liam Whelan


With equality as a core value, Bonnie and Pique Ventures aimed to create an investment environment that promotes gender-equality. Through developing funds for business leaders and investing in female-led startups, Pique Ventures is growing and Bonnie is speaking on tours more frequently. A more lighthearted and vibrant identity was created to communicate her values and expertise.


We identified the core value for Bonnie first through an overview of the why, how and what of her business. This includes deep dive research into what venture investing entails. Through identifying the characters and values, and the persona, we are able to find and formulate Pique Venture’s brand DNA. The visual design then is informed by our findings from the brand strategy.


A brand strategy that illuminates equality, conversation and exchange led to a cohesive creative strategy using colours that are vibrant and exciting. The logomark illustrates conversation and the exchange of knowledge and advice. A communication strategy offered techniques to interact and share expertise with an online audience.