Mazur Natural Skincare

Role: brand strategy, communication strategy, product strategy, visual identity, product research

Duration: 4 Weeks

Team: Edwy Woo, Hugh Knapp, Liam Whelan


To create an inclusive brand for Michael and Matthew Mazur that offers quality ingredients to a community of consumers and farm partners around the world.


We identified the core value for the Mazur brothers first through an over view of the why, how and what of their visions. This include a deep dive research into what characters and values they hope their value embodies. My role is to facilitate the initial brainstorming sessions and research into product strategies in the market. Later, we took our findings to create the brand visual identity.

Research & Analysis

I focused on researching skincare industry prospects, gathering data to and synthesis them into visuals. From studying and analyzing the competitors, we drew insights into the product categories that informed our decisions.


By combining a brand strategy that emphasizes inclusion and connection with creative and communication strategies balancing both clinical and natural aesthetics. Packaging is used to reflect elements of life on the farm. Michael and Matt Mazur; their name is the foundation of their brand. The Creation of a brand using natural, farm procured ingredients that that re-envision the skincare category and deliver the natural benefits from farm to face.