Hotel Expedition
A new way to think about how we sleep

Role: Sketchup, Architectural design, Visual Design, rendering

Duration2 Weeks

Team: Sheng Zhao


The aim of the “Sleeping” competition is to develop a design proposal for the hotel typology, intended as a place to sleep. It is asked to the participants to create innovative and unconventional projects on this theme, questioning the very basis of the notion of hotel


We brainstormed ideas about what the program of the hotel entails, who uses it and what kind of existing typologies of hotels are there. After sketching out many ideas, we narrowed down to one that is the most versatile. We wanted to create a sleeping experience for the young traveler, particularly influenced by our personal experiences with travelling.


We challenge and extends what a traditional “hotel” could be. Rather than finding a new place to stay in each city, bringing luggage with you as you travel, switching hotels each time moving to a new city, the design of Hotel Expedition provides the convenience of staying at one place through travelling, bringing your luggage with you, and having a secure base everywhere you travel to. Providing the services of home as you travel, the hotel provides a new system and typology which allows the traveler to become an explorer. No longer burdened or restricted by the limitations of services, items, and limitations of vehicular travel. The hotel extends the services of not only the traditional hotel but also public transportation.


The modular units, like traditional train cars, can disassemble, reorganize, and reconnect for a customized, liberated, and individualized experience. Travelers in modular hotel units can detach at designated stations and reattach to passing trains in the system.


The units, as a group, deviate from traditional hotel/building-train typologies by spatially being neither fully inside nor out. Fitting with the theme of revamping the rail system with the hotel, shipping containers and old train units are retrofitted into train compartments to make the units more economical. 


 As a whole, the mobile hotel system saves time, changes the experience of travel, and provides a new precedence of what travel, the traditional hotel or sleeping in an unfamiliar place, could be. Travellers hopefully have an easier time moving between destinations and have no hassle moving between hotels.