Faces of Alexander Street

Role: service design, print design, user experience design, design research, storyboard, design thinking

Duration: 3 months

Team: Edwy Woo, Hugh Knapp,Liam Whelan


To reduce the stigma behind social housing and create connection and relationships between the business and social housing residence side of the street.

Hello Neighbour Initiative
@Dossier Creative


The problem of harmony surrounding coexistence of both the social housing and business in the same neighborhood has been around for a long time. Our goal and approach in attempting to minimize this gap and bring a memorable experience to both sides of the community. 

The google sprint process and brainstorming sessions helped us focus on what our goals are and some of the crucial questions surrounding this topic.

I created a storyboard with the team illustrating and planning out how our video and photo experience will be implemented.

Dennis, an Alexander St. Resident

Dennis gets chosen as an interviewee

Records an biography with Wakefield

Dennis' Biography gets shown to Sam (from business community)

Sam responds to Dennis' biography

Sam's response gets shown to Dennis

Dennis watches and reacts to Sam's response

Attends neighbourhood party

Dennis receives photograph as gift

Production of a community book


With photographer, Ian Sheh, and video production company, Wakefield Productions, we developed an intricate photo and video project to start conversations with individuals on opposing sides of the street. By taking photos of individuals on each side of the street and filming a conversation and exchange between two business people and two residents, we created a story that brings to life the similarities and shared experiences of all individuals in the community.

Wrap Up

Ending with a barbecue from Blue Ketchup BBQ at the social housing residence third floor patio with photographer Britney Berrner, we hosted business people and social housing residents on a beautiful sunny day. We showed the final video production at the residence and were asked to replay it many times. Burgers were served, conversations were sparked, and connections were made.