AZURE Magazine
Showcase at Interior Design West Show Vancouver

Role: industrial design, fabrication, installation, material research

Duration: 2 months design, 3-day install

In collaboration with: Sonia Jin


How can we create a 20 feet x 12 feet booth with a limited budget and time constraint to showcase AZURE Art + Architecture Magazine at the Interior Design Show West? The brief for the competition looks for the design of the booth mainly with a shelf to hold 15 boxes of magazines with 30/box. Altogether, we need to take into account the time, budget and functionality into consideration.

Project support: Nick Scott, Mari Fujita, Melissa Jin, Phil Chang, Kimi Shen, Peter Zhang, Retaw Liu, Wenting Yang, Holly Hodge


We started with design a kind of rib like form of the shelf thinking it would uses the least amount of materials and would assemble fairly easily. We soon realize that this is not pragmatic because the shelf need to reach a height of 8 feet, and it would not bear sufficient weight. We then moved on to explore a range of alternative options, such as stacking, folding and some cross paneling exploration with grasshopper.


Through our extensive research into cardboard and the limits of our materials, we find the best way to optimize the use of material for the strength is to form an accordion, this way we give the shelf volume and give it stability. We cut slits into the shelf at staggering heights allowing room to insert the shelving panels. These are places to place magazines for display, light bulbs, and miscellaneous items.


The construction and fabrication were done in collaboration with Nick Scott, the woodshop manager at the School of Architecture and landscape architecture who helped us with pre-fabricating the panels and CNC the grooves in the cardboard to be folded. The booth was constructed in two days on site with prefabricated panels. During the four-day event where thousands of people visited, many were intrigued by the sustainable and functionality of the booth design.