10m^2 – Live + Work
A transformative house design

Role: architecture design, laser cutting, modeling, photoshop, adobe after effects

Duration: 4 Weeks


The increasing housing price in Vancouver has made many houses unaffordable. However, downtown Vancouver provides a huge opportunity for jobs and are considered convenient for students and recent grads. This project looks at the relationship between one’s work and live life. Moreover, I wanted to address the increasing need for small housing to respond to increase density in Vancouver. 


My first step is to start by looking at ways that the key programs can be arranged within the 10m^2 foot print confinement. Additionally, researching on ways and systems that could extend the house outer ward without affecting the footprint area.


I proposed to create a house suitable for single occupants under the 10m2 limit thus providing an economic solution to the expensive housing prices in Vancouver. The design concept is to work with this 10m2 constraint and design a house that is fully functional and can be expanded to more than twice its original area. To combine it with my studio brief to create a Work-Live home, I want to make the work live environment more intimate and add value to the occupants in a very small space.